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St Louis Flight Training

st louis flight training in the Viper

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Zero to Hero Full Aviation Career Training

Our St Louis Flight Training Program will take you from no flight experience all the way up to Professional Pilot. 

Our professional instructors will train you to first be a Private Pilot, then train you to get your Flight Instrument Rating, then work with you to build your time to 250 Hours and get you to your Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor Rating.  Once you accomplish this You can start earning Money as a Pilot and work towards the Big Jet jobs, and Piston Aviation will be with you every step of the way.

We  Even Have Student Loan Financing available that is deferred until you start making the Big Bucks.


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St Louis Flight Training

Piston Aviation was started to change the game for St Louis Flight Training.  Piston Aviation is not just focused on creating pilots, the goal is to produce leaders who just happen to be pilots.

There really is no other flight school like Piston Aviation. Piston was created with a People First mantra and that has created a culture of Love and Fun the filters down from Piston Aviation Leadership, to their Certified Flight Instructors, to their staff and the students can’t help but catch and love the vibe!

After Two years Piston Aviation has achieved their goal of changing the game for St Louis Flight Training, and is now expanding to take their unique brand to new locations.