Private Pilot for 10K

It can Be Done!

Price Conscious??

You must be willing to STUDY HARD at Home, come to ALL Flight prepared, and do all the FAA leg work on your own.

If you are Fast Learner, it is possible to get your license for just $10,000.00

Up for the challenge, Let’s Do It Together!!

Saint Louis area flight School

Piston Aviation LLC

Piston Aviation was founded with One Goal and that is to share the passion for Aviation that its owners have.  Our Number 1 priority is always SAFETY, and after that, We want you to HAVE FUN. Even if you are looking to make Aviation a Career, Flying should ALWAYS be FUN!  That’s what makes it such an Awesome Career Path.

Fly On Your Schedule

We are a Part 61 School, which means you can schedule your Flights and Ground Training on your schedule.  If you currently have a full-time or Part-time job, that will not affect your ability to pursue your Dream of an Aviation Career.

We also do not hold Scheduled Ground School, where you have to show up at an appointed time.  We sign you up for Top Notch Online Ground Schools (cost is included in your Tuition) and you can complete your classroom learning at home.

important things

None – Piston Aviation Will provide you with the Training Materials, Online Ground School, Your Own Headset, and Flight Bag.

Typical Private Pilot training takes 4 to 6 months to complete.

What you Get

What are you Waiting For?
Let Your Dreams Take Flight!