You Work For Boeing?

Special PPL Deal Just For You!

The Deal

Piston Aviation Has Roots with Boeing

Our Founding Pilot worked for Boeing!

Joe Ord started his career with Boeing.  He interned with Boeing while he was still in college, and then Hired on as a Flight Test Engineer.

He Worked at the Pax River Naval base on the F-18 E&F Program, then moved to St. Charles where he worked on the Small Diameter Bomb Program during its testing phase.  

You Work Hard, Enjoy Your hobby in luxury!

Our Facilities are Second to None.  You will not Find another Flight School or Aircraft Hangar with a Nicer Flight Lounge.  Pre-flight and Debrief in Comfort.  If the weather is Bad or you just want to hang out, you are always welcomed with a Smile at Piston Aviation.  Come have a snack, maybe watch a movie with us.  If you’re not careful you may just get roped into competitive game of shuffleboard or Pool.


We do not believe in half measures.  Our top Priority is always safety, then Fun.  We carefully evaluate Instructors before we hire them, and we Pay them Top of the Flight Instructor Pay scale to make sure we always attract Great People and they want to Stick Around!

You Fly on Your Schedule

Using our Proprietary Scheduling Software You can schedule flights that meet your schedule.  We are adding more planes and more instructors so there is usually availability on your time

What Are You Waiting For?

Boeing is Going to Pay to Learn To Fly!