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Be Happy, Be a Pilot

Commercial Pilots are in High Demand!

All major Commercial Airlines are hurting for Pilots right now. As the Travel and Shipping Demands of the American Consumer continue to increase, the Current Pilot Fleet is aging out.

This has created a massive opportunity for those willing to get the training necessary to be a professional pilot.  Airlines and corporations are paying BIG Salaries to their new pilots.  They now are not requiring college educations anymore.  They just want Good Pilots with the right training and the Flight Hours required for the job.

Piston Aviation has the resources to get you to your DREAM JOB!

How it Works

Once Enrolled You will be assigned a Certified Flight Instructor who will begin immediately Flight Training with you.  Together you will work through the Following Requirements to become a Professional Pilot.

Improve your Earning power at Fraction of the Cost

When compared to the cost of Education Requirements to get most Professional Level jobs, the Earning Power to cost of Training for today’s professional Pilot is hard to beat

Average Salary of 2022 College Graduate - $55,260
Average Cost of 4 Year College Education - $142,204
College Grad Earning Power Index Score
Average Salary of Executive - $255,461
Average Cost of All Education + YEARS of Work - $262,204
Executive Earning Power Index Score
2022 Median Airline Pilot Salary - $202,180
Piston Aviation Zero to Hero Cost with Multi Engine - $75,000
Airline Pilot Earning Power Index Score
0 %

The flight School

Piston Aviation LLC

Piston Aviation was founded with One Goal and that is to share the passion for Aviation that its owners have.  Our Number 1 priority is always SAFETY, and after that, We want you to HAVE FUN. Even if you are looking to make Aviation a Career, Flying should ALWAYS be FUN!  That’s what makes it such an Awesome Career Path.

Fly On Your Schedule

We are a Part 61 School, which means you can schedule your Flights and Ground Training on your schedule.  If you currently have a full-time or Part-time job, that will not affect your ability to pursue your Dream of an Aviation Career.

We also do not hold Scheduled Ground School, where you have to show up at an appointed time.  We sign you up for Top Notch Online Ground Schools (cost is included in your Tuition) and you can complete your classroom learning at home.

important things

Since this is an Aggressive Flight Training Curriculum, we require our Zero to Hero Students to be at least 17 years old or be turning 17 within 4 months of starting training, which is the minimum age requirement per the FAA to obtain a Pilot’s license

You must also be able to pass a 1st Class Medical Exam with an Aviation Medical Examiner.  We recommend Dr. Miriani.

None – Piston Aviation Will provide you with the Training Materials, Online Ground School, Your Own Headset, and Flight Bag.

We recommend using our Student Financing Option.  All payments are deferred until you are done with your CFI training and check ride.  After that you only have to pay $150/mo for 18 months while you build your flight time as a CFI working towards that high paying Airline Job!

Yes, We love to hire our own CFI graduates!

If you dedicate yourself to the training there is no reason you cannot complete this course of training within 18 months.

Absolutely, we also have an IFR to Hero and a Commercial to Hero Program, and you can utilize the same student Loan financing program to fund the rest of your Aviation Training.

need to know

What are you Waiting For?
Let Your Dreams Take Flight!





802 km/h

top speed



Flight Attendant


Passengers Day

10 to max. 12

Passengers Night

3 single, 1 King size bed

Cruise speed

70 km/h, 470 kts, Mach 0.84

Max. range

6'850 km, 3'700 nm

Max. altitude

12'500 m, 41'000 ft


7.5 hrs

Cabin length

28.66 m, 28 ft 3 in

Cabin width

2.49 m, 8 ft 2 in

Cabin height

2.49 m, 8 ft 2 in 1.85 m, 6 ft 1 in

1 Lavatory aft

1 Galley

CD / DVD / players

High temperature oven

2 LCD monitors

Microwave oven


Coffee maker

2 phone stations