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Our courses


Private Pilot

Starting July 1 2022 - 3 to 6 months
This License will allow you to fly any aircraft you have rating for and passengers (without pay).
$13,000All Inclusive

Sport Pilot

Starting August 1st 2022 - 2 months
You will be able to Light Sport Aircraft. If your mission is fun, this may be your tickit
$7500All Inclusive

Instrument Rating

Starting July 1 2022 - 2 to 6 months
You will be properly trained to fly in IMC conditions
$250/flight hour

Let your dreams take a flight!

Learning to Fly is one of the most incredible accomplishments one can acheive and yet it is very attainable!  Contact us and Learn how you can make this Dream come true!


Get our FULL Private Pilot Training for only $12,500
Live Your Dreams - Be a Pilot - Only $12,500