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Annuals in a Week

Yes you Read that Right! At Piston Aviation we will complete your Annual and related Aircraft Directives in a Week.

We do this by controlling the flow of our clientelle. We only allow One Annual in our shop per week. This way we can dedicate the attention required to complete your annual and required Maintenance timely. The joy of owning your own Aircraft is Flying! We want to keep you Flying more months of the Year.

Only Annuals and Why

At Piston Aviation we only Do Annuals, We don’t do major Airframe, or Engine Work. Annuals are predictable. You have to have your plane inspected Every Year, so book it now and reserve your spot with us.

Our A&P will go over, with you, everything we did during your annual before you take flight again.

As owners of General Aviation Aircraft ourselves we have felt the pain of the typical Annual Process. The month of the Annual rolls around, and you call your local A&P. They say sure bring it on over and we will work it in. So you fly plane in, and sign their agreement for work. A week goes by and you call to check on the status, and are told, we will have you in next week, just got to finish up this job ahead of you. You call next week, and are told the job ahead of you took longer then expected. You call the following week, and are told I was short handed last week. Oh no! now you are out of annual and can’t even fly you plane to another mechanic, but what would be the point, you would just have to start the waiting game over with them. So you waint and call in another week, oh an emergency job game in the door. So now you start calling daily, and finally they get you in the shop. Now you call a week later, only to find out that they found bad hoses and a fuel valve that need to be replaced. They are waiting for the parts to come in. You call the next week, and get We’ve got the vlaves but still waiting on the hoses. Then in another week, we got the parts, should have you done in a few days. Finally in antoher week they call asking for your log books so they can make their entries and you can come get your plane. What’s the Problem here, you just lost Two month’s of flying time for your yearly annual!!

We have developed an annual booking system and pre-annual process that if followed can virtually guarantee your annual is completed in a week. The key is to make sure you book your annual at least 3 months in advance with us, and do the few simple tasks we ask of you ahead of bringing your plane to us. We will be ready for your plane when it comes into our hangar!


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